Build your websites
with the
magic of AI,
ease of UI,
potential of code

Palet is a website builder that allows you to build websites fast and easy, at the same time doesn't limit you and also provides a way to build using ai prompts

Most powerful AI
for building websites

AI integrated into your design and coding flow, so that you don't have to paste snippet from chatgpt or think on what context to give to that AI, that is already taken care of.

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Add parallax effect to the images
Add a avatar that animates on site scroll
Embed a youtube video in the page


Reimagine animation with Palet

animation feature

Advanced UI

Palet is the the most advanced UI editor for building webpage animations

animation feature

Lively Websites

Unleash your creativity and build interactive awwward wining websites

animation feature

User Interface for GSAP

1st UI for GSAP animation library with timeline preview , no coding required

Don't be limited,
switch to code anytime

Don't be restricted by ui, build by switching between ui & code seamlessly as per convinience. No boilerplate code if you want to add a custom code, simply edit the minimal readable HTML code

black blue teal design

Other Features

Deploy to Netlify

Deploy to Netlify with a single click & map your website to custom domain for free

Palet logo

Responsive websites

Design once for all screen sizes and test on any device of your choice

User friendly editor

Intuitive and easy to use ui editor, code editor with auto complete and search

Integrated Libraries

Democratizing JavaScript libraries like GSAP and Three.js, previously limited to developers, ensures accessibility for all.

Increase your productivity

Experimenting easier than ever

No switching tabs and recompiling

Accessible to everyone



GSAP is tha best and most capable web animation library that empowers developers to create stunning, smooth, and interactive animations that bring websites to life



Enjoy the freedom to select from over 150,000 vector icons featuring all popular icon sets integrated seamlessly into the editor




Three.js seamlessly merges web development with the third dimension, enabling captivating and interactive 3D experiences that redefine web interaction

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